Is there a right or wrong way to spell Superbowl or Super Bowl?

Sooo it's Superbowl weekend. I'm not a great speller and rely on spell check programs but today I finally had enough. I went to the Editor and asked what is the correct way to spell Superbowl and he said Superbowl or Super Bowl are both acceptable. Whaaattt?

Now what? I check it out on Google. The Ringer says "The Super Bowl must become the Superbowl."

...Do we ever call it “the Bowl”? We do not. Do we think of “Super” as a modifier that might be applied to Super Bowl–associated subjects—Super matchup, Super quarterback, Super champion, Super Belichick? We do not; it is not a bowl that is super. It’s just the Super Bowl. Do we pause between the words? We do not. “Super” and “Bowl”: They are inextricable. There is no one without the other—and where there is just one thing, there ought to be just one word. As basket ball became basketball, as air planes became airplanes, as meat balls became meatballs, and as, most relevantly, Super-man became Superman—so must this compound word become, well, a compound.

Think that's the final answer? Nope, I found this on "People, Stop Spelling Super Bowl As One Word."

The Super Bowl is the most popular sporting event of the year, yet so many people write its name incorrectly. News outlets, Twitter, your Facebook feed — all have been infected by the awful Superbowl. There is an understandable urge to smash the two words together, to make this massive event its own entity. But it shouldn’t be done, and not just because it looks ugly and gives copy editors such as myself visions of cereal bowls wearing capes.

One of the definitions of bowl in the Oxford English Dictionary is “A sporting occasion … at which a football game is the main (orig. the only) event”; thus, super, in this case, is modifying a specific bowl. In college football, where these types of games are more common, there are the Sugar Bowl, the Orange Bowl, and the Famous Idaho Potato Bowl — none of which anyone would feel inclined to compound, whether talking about football or what’s on your kitchen counter.

I think I'll just stop spelling it for now but we want to know what you think!

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