In an effort not to gross anyone out during their lunch, I did choose an image maybe a little less disgusting.  Your stomach will thank me. 

Ugh!  Who would really want to?  Although, throughout my travels around this great country of ours, I have encountered "folk" who find absolutely nothing wrong with this.  In fact, in some areas, eating roadkill is pretty much expected and considered waste if you don't!  Hmmmmm....not trying to spoil your lunch, but read on. 

Several news sources have recently pondered, is roadkill safe to eat?

The answer? Well, sort of.

On the pro-roadkill eating side:
If an animal was recently killed but otherwise healthy, the meat is actually much fresher than what you might find in a grocery store, experts explain

Most recently, sources have interviewed several roadkill-eating enthusiasts and gathered that there are a few good general rules of thumb to follow, such as the fact that eating roadkill in the winter may be safer since the animal is essentially refrigerated upon its death.

Laws vary state by state, but in some states, eating roadkill is encouraged, usually via the game warden phoning interested individuals when a fresh carcass is found. In Alaska, roadkill meat is distributed to charities, after being sent to a volunteer butcher.

Chip is definitely steering clear.  You can read more right here: