The sight of these delicious raw meats has us salivating and fantasizing about slapping them on a grill and having a feast. But, would you buy these same meats out of a vending machine?

The owner of a butcher shop, just down the New York State Thruway from Central New York in Rochester, has a big hit on his hands with his refrigerated, meat-filled vending machine, which is apparently perfectly timed for the COVID-19 health crisis. Customers select and buy their steaks, ground beef, sausage or chops with minimal physical contact in a safe portion of his shop.

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Kevin McCann, owner of McCann's Local Meats, told FOX the response has been fantastic, as he's had to re-stock the machine several times a day. He also said he got the whole idea from his buddy Josh Applestone, who has been deploying refrigerated meat vending machines for years in the Hudson Valley region. It's just another example of a product or service that's thriving during the pandemic.

While a meat vending machine might seem odd, there are a lot of other strange vending machines already in use:

-Live Bait
-Toilet Paper

What unusual vending machines have you seen? Where would you draw the line? What item would you flat-out refuse to purchase out of a vending machine?

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