During the coronavirus here in the Central New York region, maybe you or your friends sanitize and wipe down your groceries. Is that really necessary?

According to News 10, experts are weighing in on this highly debated topic. They are saying that it’s not necessary for most people to still do.

The coronavirus spreads mainly through the respiratory droplets people spray when talking, coughing, sneezing or singing. It’s why health experts stress the importance of wearing masks and social distancing."

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At the start of the coronavirus pandemic, many shoppers cleaned store purchases with disinfecting wipes before putting them away at home. At that point, it was recommended as a best practice to help avoid the virus. This was very early in the pandemic, and our knowledge was limited then.

Now, experts aren't saying to stop cleaning surfaces. They are still recommending that you clean surfaces, especially frequently touched spots, that infected people might have recently touched. This will also help reduce risk from other germs that haven’t gone away in the pandemic.

The virus is fragile and doesn’t survive easily outside the body for long, they note. Tests finding it on surfaces might just be detecting traces of the virus, not live virus capable of infecting people.

Early studies finding it could linger on surfaces for days were conducted under laboratory conditions. It's very likely that the virus couldn’t survive that long in real life.

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