Twelve-year-old Sam Keusch of Scarsdale, New York is a hero helping those who may not be tech savvy book vaccine appointments online. He even created his own website to help thousands.

Sam told CBS News he first saw his dad helping his grandparents and neighbors book appointments, and wanted to take it a step further and help too.

"I was already thinking of a Bar Mitzvah project, and I thought that it couldn't be that hard. So I decided to help them out," he said.

Sam built a website so he could help even more people. Using Google's website template, he created "Vaccine Helper," a site that helps New Yorkers figure out if they're eligible and get a vaccine appointment. So far he's booked more than 1,600 appointments.

"It might take a day or two, but usually we can book an appointment in a day," he said.

Keusch has booked more than 1,600 vaccine appointments for qualified New Yorkers – helping many grandparents reunite with their grandkids. So far Sam has gotten countless emails from grateful people who received their shots with his help.

"It's really amazing, just seeing seniors be able to live their own life without being in complete danger the whole time," he said.

Congrats Sam, what an amazing job!

CDC Releases Guidance on Life After Being Vaccinated

The newest guidance released by the CDC states that people who are fully vaccinated against COVID-19 may safely gather with small groups from other households without wearing masks or physical distancing, even if those people have not yet had their shots.

The latest science suggests that fully vaccinated people can congregate indoors with other fully vaccinated people, without wearing face coverings or practicing physical distancing, the agency said. What's more, fully vaccinated people may gather with a small group, such as another household, even if that household has not been vaccinated.

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