Are these for sale? Where can I buy one? This short video is magical. Well, it is some kind of magic or trickery. It's fun to watch Ellen's astonishment.

Fernando Leon/GettyImages
Fernando Leon/GettyImages

One of the last tricks Simon Pierro from Germany does in this video is take a selfie and somehow turn it into an actual photo in a picture frame. That almost freaks Ellen out. She looks pretty scared. Simon is one talented dude. I can't figure out how he does this, can you?

Well what do you think? What did you like the most? I thought the straw was kind of lame but the coconut milk was hilarious. That could have been prerecorded I guess. Ellen is amazed throughout the entire magic show and so was the audience.

It does make you think the iPad is is magical or magic. If only I could sit back and watch this and let it go. I can't forget it! I want to know how he did that. I want to figure it out. Ellen gets so stunned in the end she just wants him to stop. She is like 'whaaaaaaat?' This is a good video. It will get you thinking.

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