Save Your Ipad Charger [VIDEO]
Wait, I don't mean keep it for sentimental reasons, what I mean is you can keep the darn thing from fraying right there where the cord meets the plug.
If you've ever used an Ipad or other device that requires charging,  you know exactly what I'm talking about...
iPad Adult Toy?
So sometimes men get desperate... very desperate. They need to look up "Adult Content" online. This company will make men enjoy looking up this content a little more. This content may be a little NSFW, so proceed with caution. We have details where to buy it and find it.
George Harrison Guitar App
So you want to see George Harrison's guitar collection. There's an app for that! Or at least there will be next month. Bandwith Publishing in conjunction with Harrison's estate will release the new iPad app on iTunes February 23rd. The app will provide a virtual tour of Harrion's guitar collection:
Brilliantly Cheap Boyfriend Builds Girlfriend an iPad
Wei Xinlong, a college student in Changchun, China knew his girlfriend wanted an iPad, and all he wanted to do was make her happy for her birthday. So, Xinlong did what any normal guy couldn’t possibly do — he spent about $125 and built Sun Shasha an iPad.