What is a GIF? What's a poke? What does INCYDK mean? HELP! The kids have created their own language. It's called internet slang.

Slang terms are ever changing. Some are pretty easy to figure out. LOL. But others, INCYDK, are more difficult. Here are some slang words, phrases and abbreviations.

  • NSFW - Not Safe For Work
  • DBA - Don't Bother Asking
  • QAP - Quick As Possible
  • VBD - Very Big Deal
  • FHO - Friends Hanging Out
  • INCYDK - In Case You Didn't Know
  • 403 - Deny Access To
  • SNH - Sarcasm Noted Here
  • YSVW - You're So Very Welcome
  • L8TR - Later
  • ULM - You Love Me
  • YGTI - You Got The Idea
  • TLTR - Too Long To Read
  • SNF - Not So Funny
  • WBU - What About You
  • YDEK - You Don't Even Know
  • LMAO - Laugh My Ass Off
  • LMK - Let Me Know
  • WYCM - Will You Call Me

There are tons of websites online to find internet slang terms and this is just the tip of the iceberg. The one we used was Wiktionary.

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What is a poke on Facebook? Saying hello - Getting your attention - I see you

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