Toy technology has really come a long way, but this may be going a little too far!  The new "Hello Barbie" from Mattel will talk to your kids and ask them questions... and then listen and learn from their responses.  Pretty amazing technology!  What does it mean?  Barbie's hidden microphone records the child and then uploads the files to a cloud server.  Then voice detection software analyzes the responses and then Barbie can talk to your kid about your dog, or the weird things you might do around the house.  As you can imagine, privacy groups like the Campaign for a Commercial-free Childhood are taking aim at the doll.  What else might they be doing with all these potential recordings of our children?

Mashable has more details about the story.  What do you think about this?  We use Siri without thinking twice about what we tell "her".  But should toys, that they children may confide in, be this intrusive?

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