We can't even begin to imagine what might have happened if Woodstock 50 was held at Vernon Downs this past weekend. Can you?

New York State Police

People were being rescued from their stranded vehicles on Sunday, and we saw road closures and detours due to flooding from intense storms that moved through the area. Just imagine if Woodstock 50 was being held at Vernon Downs. Things could have ended very differently.

Photo Credit -- New York State Police

Rt 12 Northbound was closed and impassable due to Court St and Lincoln Ave areas being flooded. Lincoln, Noyes, Sunset, Oswego, Mulberry, Chestnut were are all closed. The Parkway @ Elm was closed for all eastbound traffic. Roosevelt, Sunset, Amy, Leland, and Wurz were closed due to heavy flooding. The City of Utica was requesting No unnecessary travel.

New York State Police

We want to thank everyone who helped with the flooding in CNY!!! We appreciate you so much!  Thank You!

The Official Woodstock 50th Anniversary Festival is supposed to be Friday, Aug. 16 through Sunday, Aug. 18.