Last week we found out the President will be coming to Utica on Monday the 13th for a late afternoon fundraiser and we asked you what would be one question you would ask? Here's what you said:

Why are you helping to stoke tension are you comfortable being the President that pushes us to civil war?

(pretty fair question considering the state of the country and the people)

Mr. Trump sir, how is it that you are doing a much better job than other presidents in the past have done in a shorter period of time?

(Trump does not stop to see who gets run down in the process nor does he care, just slows everything down.)

No question just want to say thanks for being our President.

(some people are happy with the results so far)

When are you going to resign?

( and some are not)

How are we going to punish China for violating the imposed economic sanctions against Iran?

(a good question I don't believe there is even a plan in place to deal withChina in that respect.)



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