It’s well known by now that I have just moved to Central New York. I am looking forward to exploring all that this area has to offer. This not only means the search for interesting locations but also experiencing things that are held sacred to this area. As an outsider trying to get in, I do have some questions.

What is a Half Moon and how is it not a Black and White Cookie?

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Just a week ago, we had a potluck event at work. We had the average fare for just such an occasion with various homemade lunch components and the obligatory bagged chips and dip. There was another contribution that was for after the meal. At first glance I thought it was a Black and White Cookie. While familiar with said dessert, I found it a rather strange thing to think to bring to a gathering such as this. It wasn’t long until someone corrected me to let me know that this was indeed not a Black and White Cookie but was in fact a Half Moon.

I chalked up my initial confusion to colloquialism. I guess the same thing has a different name in a different part of the country. But oh no. This was no misnamed Black and White. It was explained that this was a different beast altogether.

It seems that unlike its lower New York counterpart, the Half Moon is traditionally more cakelike than crispy cookie. Instead of a fondant like frost, a generous layer of frosting is applied, with one side exceeding the other, rather than a uniform look. Haphazard in all its glory, the Half Moon does appear to be the more desirable choice for a sweet tooth.

I did not try one during the potluck due to eating far too much of the lunch offerings. So now, all that is left for me is the taste test comparison.

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