In my family, we're not big snackers or dessert eaters, but we all have a severe weakness for gooey, buttery Rice Krispies treats.

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Last Easter, my son begged and begged for me to buy him some Peeps. John insisted that he needed them, that he had to have them, that he loved them. I caved and here we are, a year later and I recently found the unopened package in the back of the pantry.

A few weeks ago, my son got it in his head again that he needed Peeps, had to have them, and loved them and promptly informed me that I was the absolute worst mom in the whole entire universe because I said I wasn't going to buy him any (remember the unopened-year-old package I mentioned finding?).  But then, I found myself looking at them during my last grocery store trip and I wondered what I could make with them.

And then, the lightbulb went off. I could use them to make our favorite treat- Rice Krispies Treats and I did, and they were everything I'd hope they'd be. As an added bonus, the vibrant colors made all of us feel happy inside, and who can't use a little more happiness in their life?

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