Sadly Huey Lewis has been forced to cancel all his 2018 performances including the Turning Stone gig because he can't hear well enough to sing.

It's a sad day when one of our favorite rock and roll artists suffers the effects of living his life and dream on stage. 67-year-old Huey Lewis announced he had lost most of his hearing but can hear a little on the phone and one on one.

Huey Lewis and the News was scheduled to perform at Turning Stone Casino and Resort June 30 in the Event Center but as we stated above the show has been canceled, and refunds are available at the point of sale.

According to Web MD Ménière’s disease is an inner-ear condition that can cause vertigo, a specific type of dizziness that makes you feel as though you’re spinning. It also can cause ringing in your ear (tinnitus), hearing loss that comes and goes, and a feeling of fullness or pressure in your ear. Usually, only one ear is affected. The hearing loss eventually can be permanent. Attacks can be as brief as 20 minutes or last as long as 24 hours. You might get several in a week, or they might come months or even years apart. Afterward, you may feel tired and need to rest.

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