You paid $100 for your dress or nice shirt and tie from Macy's and you've made it the entire night without incident and then some tanked reveler careens into you and next thing you know, you're wearing your drink (and theirs). Here's how to treat the stains so you can save your outfit or that table cloth, even if your ego is down the drain:


RED WINE: This one is nasty and calls for boiling hot water, but if that might damage your garment, rub it out with cold water and dish soap.

WHITE WINE: This one seems to be the easiest, just pour cold water on it and blot it with a rag or towel, AKA drink white wine if you're nervous about it ending up on you as you can probably fix this with a short trip to the bathroom.

BEER: You'd think this would be the easiest, but you might need a chemistry degree to zap this stain. Your remedy involves hand-washing your clothes in10 parts water and 1 part hydrogen peroxide until the stain disappears. Dang.

Keeping a Shout pen on you too might not hurt either...