As the holiday season draws closer, the thought of choosing the best Christmas tree is probably on your mind 
Better Homes & Gardens has put together a few tips on how to find just the right tree for your family.

    • Know Exactly What You Want: Make sure the tree you're looking for is what the family wants and needs. An example would be if you have young children,  in this case you may want to consider pines or fir trees with soft needles instead of a spruce tree. Spruces tend to have sharp needles and can hurt if their stepped on.
    • Check the Freshness of the Tree: To do this, bend a needle with your fingers, fresh firs should snap, fresh pines bend but should not break.
    • Check to Make Sure Needles Are Secure: To find a tree that will last throughout the season, grab the inside of a branch and pull it outward. If a few needles fall off , you've found a good tree, however if a bunch of needles come off, keep searching.
    • Find a Tree With Even Coloration: If they get too dried out some Christmas trees will go from a deep, rich green to a dull grayish- green color.
    • Have the Trunk Freshened: Cut off about a inch from the tree's trunk when you get it home. This fresh cut will help it absorb more water. Put the tree in water as soon as possible after making the cut.
    • Measure the Tree: Before going on your tree search, don't forget to measure the ceiling height of the room and the height of your Christmas tree stand. Then measure the tree on the lot. Imagine finding the perfect tree only to get home and realize its too big for the room?
    • Keeping it cool: Be sure to keep your tree away from a fireplace or other heat sources. This will cause your tree to dry out faster.
    • Maintain Water Level for Moistness: After spending so much time looking for the best Christmas tree, you want it to maintain its perfect look, so be sure and keep the water in the tree stand filled at all times.

Here are some places throughout Central New York where you can find that perfect Christmas tree

Trenton Trees
8982 Trenton Falls Prospect Road
Remsen, NY 13438
(315) 404-7972

Henderberg's Christmas Tree Farm
6579 Henderberg Rd South
Rome, NY 13440
(315) 533-6542

North Star Orchards
4741 Route 233
Westmoreland 13490
(315) 853-1024

Candella's Farm & Greenhouses
9256 River Rd
Marcy, NY 13403
(315) 736-8782

Before making the trip to each location, you may want to call ahead.



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