I did a little leg work for my family and searched which stores have the larges discounts for your Christmas shopping here in CNY according to Wallethub, check it out. 

Retailer                   Discount

Kohl's                      66.3%

JC Penny                66.3%

Macy's                     45.6%

Target                      36.2%

Dick's                      35.1%

Wal-Mart                  34.2%

Best Buy                  30.0%

These are just some of the discounts available for your holiday shopping. I would check back from time to time as these discounts will no doubt change several times between now and Black Friday. This chart covers stores from coast to coast so double check the listing to make sure you have one of the local stores.

Good luck on Black Friday, hope you get great prices on all the presents you are trying get.



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