The single most important thing you need to do before you start clearing snow is HAVE A PLAN.

Start early. That will give more time to work and not have to rush and hurt yourself in the process. I have found if you take a short break after each step, the overall time the job takes will be cut by one third on average.

1. Clear your cars first

2. Clear a path down the center of your driveway. This is the first step that will tell you how long a break you'll need to take each step of the way.

3. Push the snow from the center path your cleared towards the edges of the driveway on each side. Take a break, depending on the amount of snow you are clearing this will give you an indication of how long each break should be. Remember clearing snow is a lot more work than you think.

4. One tip that will help to keep from having the plows pile more snow at the end of your drive way is clear an additional 15 to 20 feet on each side of your driveway at the end closest to the street. It works, give it a try. This will keep the plows from piling up snow that you just cleared. Take a break.

5. Do not pack down the snow as that will turn it to ice and it will be even harder to clear.

6. Next step is to move your cars back out closer to the street and repeat the same process for the part of your driveway where your cars were just parked.

If you are using a snow blower, spray the snowshoot with silicone spray as it will help the snow to move through the shoot easier.

Remember, take lots of breaks, clearing snow is not a race with your neighbor.


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