At work I share my office with another DJ. It's pretty much a college dorm with the jokes we pull, and we both get along for the most part. Maybe you’re stuck in a cubicle with someone else. If you want to succeed, you should know how to work well in a cubicle situation.

Here are some tips from CNN on how to be a good cube-mate:

Get used to handling distractions- You will be distracted working in a cubicle, but learn to refocus and prioritize.

Make your space your own- Personalize your space. Bring pictures, and other fun things in.

Don't use speaker phone- Your co-workers will be distracted and annoyed.

Leave for meetings- Don't hold big meetings at the cubicle; take them elsewhere.

Watch your mouth- People can hear you, so stay clear of office gossip or foul language in the cubicle.

Manners matter- When everyone can see you, you need to be polite and use your manners.

Read the full list of tips from CNN.

Do you enjoy the people you share your office with?