(Updated Thursday 7:00 a.m.) There's another winter storm crossing through the Ohio Valley and making its way to the east coast once again this weekend, just in time for Valentine's Day. New York City will only see about an inch or so and the further one goes south, it turns to freezing rain and mixed precipitation.

Earlier in the week, forecasters were eyeing the storm to see how it would effect our area, but right now it looks like the front will stay south of us.

There is snow in the forecast for this weekend though, and it could play a role in your Valentine's Day dinner plans, especially if the plans are for Saturday night. Forecasters with the national weather service are looking at a low pressure that will move through during the evening on Saturday night and Sunday, and could bring a little snow, somewhere between 1 to 3 inches, as of right now.

Cold temperatures will stay with us through the weekend and it looks like a slight warmup into the low 30s could come our way by the end of next week.

Back in 2007, a significant blizzard and snowstorm hit the northeast on Valentine's Day bringing more than a foot of snow to the Mohawk Valley. That year, stormy weather lingered for more than a week causing extended school closures and delays, and the next 45 days remained cold and snowy. Prior to that Valentine's Day storm, there was very little snow and much warmer than average temperatures during December and January.

Update on Winter Storm next week:

The National Weather Service is now watching a potential winter storm making its way into our area on Tuesday and Wednesday. While it's early, forecasters say it could be a significant snow event.


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