Need lodging options at the last minute? Don't want to spend an arm and a leg to save money? Here's how I saved fifty percent on a 4 Star Hotel not once, but twice.

For those of you who don’t know me, I’m a very structured guy. It may be my Virgo birth sign, you know we like things pretty organized. This year my wife and I, to totally step outside of our comfort zone and “plan” an unplanned vacation. Honestly the only detail we planned this year was the week we were taking off.

We threw caution to the wind and made NO hotel reservations and not a firm destination until the day we were leaving. We jumped in the car, looked at the Weather forecast, and saw good weather for Newport and decided this is where we are going.

About an hour before arriving in Newport, we hopped on the app . A friend of ours had told us about this app and raved about the savings if you can fly by the seat of your pants. Obviously this was the time to try it out.

We had several great options and found a 4.5 star hotel for half the price. We decided to take it one step further and called the hotel directly to see if we could negotiate that rate by booking direct and staying 3 nights. We knew if we booked through a third party vendor they would have to pay them commission, so we thought we had a little negotiating power.

We also did a little research and found that hotel rooms book about a week in advance, so if they aren’t booked now they would rather offer them at a reduced rate in the last minute then have the beds go unfilled. Long story short, if you are a planner, this may not be the approach for you. I’m not saying I would do this for every vacation, but I would do it again in a heartbeat for a weekend escape or a quick overnight.

This really works but you have to be willing to fly without a net as they say. good luck and enjoy your vacation.





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