Harden Furniture has been making high-end furniture for 174 years and employs 250 people at it's 450,000 square foot factory in McConnellsville, just northeast of Syracuse. The company is being sold in a foreclosure auction

Miramar Capitol Partners has held a majority ownership stake in Harden since 2016. Gregory Harden has been the CEO for Harden since 1992 and is the 5th generation of leadership at the family-owned business, holds a minority stake. Furniture Today said Harden could lose his stake in the business unless he is among the successful bidders.

Harden's hope is they wind up with a new ownership group that is willing to make the investment that needs to be made in the company so we can enjoy additional growth and another 142 years.

Charles S. Harden Sr. founded the company when he bought a sawmill along the banks of Fish Creek in 1844. I can tell you from personal experience Harden Furniture is the best quality and the kind you have for a lifetime, not just a few years.

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