After laying off more than 170 workers and selling its assets off in a foreclosure auction in January, Central New York manufacturer, Harden Furniture is now hiring back their workers.

More than 80 Harden Furniture workers are back on the job after a brief layoff and 90 more might be returning to the companies factory soon.

In a notice to the State Department of Labor, the company said  82 workers resumed production on Monday and 90 others are on "recall" should the companies production warrant callbacks.

The company anticipates that operations will continue on a "minimal production" level through  April 12th. According to CEO Gregory Harden, the expectation is we are going to continue operating as production warrents beyond April 12th and the remaining workers on layoff will be called back as production ramps up to full speed.

The company, which is known for its high-quality, solid-wood furniture is one of the oldest manufacturers of residential and commercial furnish in North America. It has been operating on the banks of Fish Creek since 1844.

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