Last minute mergers can be infuriating, but it is the right thing to do!

When you're stuck on Rt. 8-12  because of a lane closure, the most annoying thing someone can do is wait to the last second to merge. We thought it was downright rude, here we are paying attention and already in the proper, waiting, waiting and waiting, while the reckless (our opinion) last minute merger swoops in and cuts ahead of us.

But studies show that Late Mergers are doing it right!

People who merge early are creating a single long, slow line of traffic that's not only frustrating for drivers but also minimizes the amount of usable road and can cause accidents.

What you should be doing is called "Zip Merger." This allows people to use both lanes fully before having to merge!

So, next time you have to merge, use all the road you can and merge when you have to!

Let us know your thoughts in comments below! Are you a fan of the Zip Merger?