Zoe was rescued on November 14, 2019, from a residence in Exeter. Not only was she suffering from bone cancer, but she also had no food or adequate shelter.

The Hero was outraged and scared for Zoe and did precisely the right thing by calling the Susquehanna SPCA. That heroic act saved the life of 9-year-old Zoe, the German Shepherd who, after an evaluation by the veterinary team, concluded that Zoe ate her leg off.

Stacie Haynes, executive director of the SPCA, tells WKTV:

"We suspect that she has bone cancer, and so one theory, is that she was in so much pain from the cancer, she ate it off. And we know that she ate it because we did X-rays and there are bones in her stomach." 

The Susquehanna SPCA says on 11/14/19, a report of suspected animal cruelty where a dog tied out to inadequate shelter looked like her leg had been "blown off" and was not receiving care.

With the help of Otsego County 911, the New York State Police, Heritage Veterinary Clinic, Oneonta Veterinary Hospital, and Anita Vitullo of Staffworks, we saved Zoe. Zoe is the senior German Shepard pictured here who required immediate medical attention. Her fight to survive has just begun because her missing leg is only one of many concerning medical ailments she is facing...We share these graphic photos and her story because we want to highlight the very sad fact that animals like Zoe are in our communities suffering, and we need your help to combat the inhumane treatment of animals...If you can consider a contribution to help us offset the expense of Zoe's medical treatment, it would be greatly appreciated. Donations can be made at https://sqspca.org/support/make-a-donation/

November 15th Update: Despite the condition she was found in, she is resilient and Susquehanna SPCA remains hopeful that she will recover.

She is stable at the vet receiving a steady dose of pain medication and antibiotics. Her treatment is on a strategic schedule determined by two amazing veterinarians who care an awful lot. We are extremely grateful for their dedication. It will likely be a couple of days before we know much more. Please continue to think of her. She has quite the fight ahead.

Look how amazing Zoe is doing just 2 days after her rescue! Animals are awesome! After everything she's endured she looks happy.

The Susquehanna SPCA thanks everyone who has donated, shared, and shown concern. "You are making a difference for this dog, and we will work hard to prevent this from happening to others!"

We pray that Zoe continues to heal and feel as good as she looks here.

Susquehanna SPCA wants to remind folks if you or someone you know is unable to provide for your animal, don't be afraid or ashamed to reach out before it's too late. Reach out at  (607) 547-8111 or info@sqspca.org.

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