Summertime means vacations, county fairs, theme parks, parades and more crowded events than you can shake a stick at. Here's a couple of simple tips to keep your children safe when in large crowds.

Under the category of 'better safe than sorry' the first tip is simple:

Now that just about everybody has a cell phone, take a picture of your child/children the morning of the event. This gives you an up to date pic of your child including what he or she is wearing that day.

Don't forget to email or message yourself the photo as well, just in case you misplace your phone and need to access the picture.

Tip number two is also simple and could be the most important:

Write your phone number on the inside of your child's wrist and then cover it with a layer of liquid bandage like 'new-skin', or 'skin shield.'

The liquid bandage will keep the number from rubbing off or getting washed off from sweat or water-park rides.

Hopefully you will never have to use these emergency measures, but being prepared is the best way to avoid an unthinkable situation.

Have a happy and safe summer!

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