A Central New York woman noticed something on the windshield of her car, but it wasn't until she got home that she really became concerned.

When Alyssa Crowe came out of a New Hartford grocery store, she happened to see something between windshield wipers and the hood of her car. Alyssa says she thought it was screwdriver, but because she drives an SUV and is petite, she couldn't quite tell what she was looking at.

Alyssa says she remembered warnings she had read about people placing items in windshields in order to lure drivers out of their vehicles to make them targets for robbery, assault, or worse. With that thought in her mind, Alyssa says she decided to drive home instead.

When a taller friend was finally able to reach the object - it turned out to be an ice pick or awl. Alyssa says she can't be sure how a tool got into the windshield of her SUV, or whether whoever left it there had nefarious intentions - but she hopes the incident will serve as a warning to other young ladies: don't get out of your car to remove anything from the windshield that seems unusual - wait til you're somewhere safe, because you just never know.

How did an ice pick get in the windshield of Alyssa's car? Did it happen at the grocery store? At her college? While she was out on Varick Street the night before? Who knows.

What do you think?

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