Whether your only a few days until payday or you just can't find yours, here are the 7 things you never should share with a roommate.

I've heard of spouses sharing things like toothbrushes, that is just absolutely flat-out nasty. That was in someone else's mouth, to clean it! You've heard how dogs have cleaner mouths than humans, yet you'll share a toothbrush? Boggles my mind beyond belief!

The list below only just gets started with a toothbrush. Which by the way, in the house I'm living in there is a phantom toothbrush. There is an ongoing joke that a burglar came in to steal things and brushed his teeth. I feel like every other day the phantom toothbrush ends up in a different spot, somedays it is on the sink top, other times it inside the medicine cabinet. It even has ended up on the back of the bathtub before.

Look, some people share clothes. I feel that's more common among women though. That isn't all too weird I suppose, of course, they would have to be washed. Shoes may seem like an oddball one as well, but that's not really all that weird, is it? As long as the shoes are clean and the people wear socks in them it doesn't seem too disgusting.

Certain things make perfect sense for sharing, toilet paper being one. Unless one person has a bottom that is just too sensitive, there is no reason to not share an item like that. Enough babbling. Onto the list!

Things You Never Share With Your Roommate

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