A few years ago we warned you about this poisonous caterpillar spotted in Pennsylvania. Now all parents need to be warned as it's been identified in Central New York.

Can you believe this cute and fuzzy little caterpillar is poisonous? DON'T TOUCH IT.   The two long, sharp hairs, near the front and rear of the caterpillar, excrete venom on contact as part of their defensive skills to ward off other critters.

Mom told WRGB she saw one at Voorheesville Elementary School. They went onto report that the DEC says the caterpillar can also affect pets if the hairs come in contact with the tip of a dog or a cat's nose. The reaction would be similar to that of a human and could last hours, or sometimes days.

If you come into contact, you'll feel a burning, nettle-type, itchy (poison ivy like) rash. Wash with soap and water immediately, then apply calamine lotion and ice. It's a different story if you're allergic to the poison, you could experience an itchy rash, swelling, nausea and should seek medical attention immediately.

The White Hickory Tussock Moth Caterpillar, which is native to Canada from Nova Scotia to Ontario and in the U.S. from the northeast to the south-central part of the country. This caterpillar appears between June and September and eats its way through the leaves of nut-bearing trees, but will settle for willow, ash, aspen, apple, oak, and even raspberry plants and corn stalks.

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[Information from WRGB and Snopes]

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