Actors, camera operators, and filmmakers are in Armory Square in Syracuse to film a movie for a Hallmark Channel movie.

According to, a production team from the Hallmark Channel was set up in Syracuse to film a Christmas movie. The movie will be titled "Old Acquaintance Be Forget" and crew members were seen carrying around poinsettias to really add to the Christmas spirit.

One actor was even dressed as Jolly Ol' Saint Nick and rang a bell outside of Nick's Tomato Pie around 5pm on Thursday. Several people who were passing by stopped to watch the scene being filmed. Several scenes were also filmed the Syracuse Ukranian National Home earlier in the week.

The film will star Cassidy Gifford, daughter of TV hose and comedian Kathie Lee Gifford and football player and TV commentator Frank Gifford.

With all the snow that Syracuse has gotten this winter, it's no wonder why it was the perfect place to film a movie about Christmas!

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