Even though Syracuse didn't see too much snow this January, they are about to break 100 inches of snow in the month of February.

According to syracuse.com, Syracuse typically reaches the 100 inch mark at the end of February. This winter, however, they have already hit 97.1 inches of snow, and with more still to come. At this point last year, Syracuse had 80.3 inches of snowfall.

Part of the reason this number could be so high is because Syracuse saw 25 inches of snow just in November, and December was ahead of the average a well with 37.2 inches. February has seen more snow that average as well with 26.1 inches just up to this point. the average total snowfall for Syracuse is 124 inches, which may be hard to beat, but it can still happen.

You never know what a Central New York winter will throw our way, and we still have a couple weeks left of winter, so the odds are in our favor that Syracuse will break that 100 inch mark well ahead of schedule!

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