Every year, James Mathy of Rome puts together an elaborate Christmas display outside his home for the enjoyment of others. This year, a Grinch tried to ruin things.

James Mathy of Rome has been creating his handmade Christmas display since he was 14 years old, combining his love of Christmas with his talent for woodworking.

"My great grandfather worked at Trinkaus manor and helped build all those decorations along side Andy. So with all of that put together I started my own display. And every year it grows! I made a promise to myself that I would always add new pieces every year."

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This year, James says he came up against a problem he never has before: The Grinch.

"I came out to walk around and take in the display and talk to everyone who drives by, to find someone thought it would be funny to break several bulbs on my fence." James says whoever vandalized his display isn't going to ruin his Christmas, just because they think "it's funny to destroy other people's things."

James says he'll repair the display to everyone can continue to enjoy the display he creates all himself, including the army of characters that adorn his yard.

From a display that started with the Grinch and Snoopy, James' display has grown to include a cupcake house and a chapel with a 20 foot spire, and several other character, including elves and the Pillsbury Doughboy and girl. If you want to see it for yourself, stop by 403 East Linden Avenue in Rome. John says his electric bill goes up by about $100 for the holidays, but it's all worth it.

James says he hopes to expand his creativity by creating custom Christmas decorations for others. "I'd really love to turn this into a business. I can really make things for any holiday."

If you'd like to connect with James, you can reach him on his Facebook page.

Rome Christmas Display

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