Gotta love those TV theme songs and we can sing all of our favorites word-for-word, but what song out of 32 of the best shows of all time is the King of them all? Louisville came out on top of the NCAA bracket and looks like 'Gilligan's Island' is the King of the Hill on Yahoo's 'Best TV Theme Songs of All Time' Bracket.


Yahoo TV

Cheers ended up in 2nd place after all of the headphones came off and 'The Jeffersons' and 'M*A*S*H' were in the Final Four as it were. There were quite a few contenders that were worthy in my opinion, like my personal fave, 'Fresh Prince of Bel Aire', 'Happy Days' and who could forget how to sing 'The Brady Bunch? Check out the entire bracket above, who would you have voted for?

[Yahoo TV]