Giant crows have been spotted in Yorkville, leading locals to ask where they came from and where they're headed.

How many crows make up a 'murder'? Probably more than two - but these guys look like they could cause a little trouble - even if it's just from rubbernecking to get a better look.

Credit: Mandy Kennedy Delahunt

It's no secret that the Utica area sometimes has issues with crows. Fortunately, when hundreds of crows land in treetops, they're not generally this big. These two crows were spotted outside Hubbell Galvanizing in Yorkville, so we can only speculate they were there for some kind of treatment of their metal frames. Their ultimate destination is unknown, but we're pretty sure Edgar Allen Poe would be impressed.

Does anyone have the scoop on these sculptural birds? Where are they headed? Where did they come from?

Credit: Mandy Kennedy Delahunt

Here's the thing about crows - the real ones - they're really kind of cool, and very smart. has a list of facts about crows. Most fascinating among them is the facts that crows hold "funerals" for their dead fellow crows. "In some cases the crows may keep a vigil over the fallen bird for days on end."

Credit: Mandy Kennedy Delahunt

Oh, and crows not only use tools, they MAKE tools. Apparently they'll take leaves off branches to make a hook to get bugs, and make "compound" tools by putting two items together to make something entirely new.

So basically, if these giant crows were real, they could rule the world.


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