This story is right out of a mystery novel written by someone like Clive Cussler, who wrote: "Raise The Titanic".

As the story goes, around 1960 there was a small submarine being built on Lake George to explore the shipwrecks and depths of the lake. One summer night the submarine went missing and presumed stolen. Police searched for it by land, air and sea, but no trace of it was found. Until 1995 when a couple of divers found the sub deep under the waves.

So they knew where the sub was, but the mystery of how it got there has been hidden until now. According to the article in The Post Star two teenage brothers stole the sub and sank it because they were owed money for some scuba equipment. The plan was the sink the sub in shallow water and hold it for ransom until they got what was owed them. Unfortunately, they miscalculated and the sub ended up in deep water.

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Bill Thomas of Warrensburg who's 73 years old now has come forward and told the whole story of the mystery of the Lake George Submarine. There's a great video and story about the submarine at

For now, the exact location is a secret and sometime in the future, the sub may be added to an underwater museum/preserve in Lake George.

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