Well, you can tell by the way they use their wings, there a woman's bird: no time to talk. Music loud and women warm, these crows been flocking to New York's Capital since I was born.

Albany has a massive crow problem. The cities solution: throwing a disco party.

According to WNYT, wildlife biologists in Albany are trying to use a variety of creative and non-lethal techniques to drive away the thousands of crows who have gathered in the city this late fall. Their plan pretty much involves a massive disco party for the crows.

The city's plan involves fireworks, spotlights, non-harmful lasers and recorded crow distress calls to disperse the intelligent and social birds. City officials say locals should be prepared for loud noises and flashing lights."

The techniques are said to be non-lethal, but it could alarm some of Albany's human residents if they are unaware.

Now with all these fireworks, spotlights, and lasers, they should break out the jams too! Here's a few suggestions for the crows to enjoy:

1) Disco Inferno


2) September


3) More More More


4) Macho Man


5) I'm So Excited






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