If you're planning on heading out to watch as the Genesee Brewery's fermentation tanks pass through the Utica area, it looks like you may have to wait an extra day.

Genesee Brewing is shipping the 12 20-foot by 60-foot tanks on the Erie Canal from Albany to Rochester next week as part of a $40 million expansion and upgrade project.

The tanks were originally scheduled to pass through the area on the Erie Canal on May 15, but high water levels along the canal are expected to cause a delay.

Here's Genesee's official statement from a press release:

"Due to high water levels in the Erie Canal – the result of excessive rainfall across Upstate New York – the tanks’ passage through the canal has been delayed temporarily. Officials from Genesee Brewing Company, New York’s oldest brewery, have indicated that while the tanks’ passage through the canal could begin as early as May 16, the exact timing is based on when Erie Canal water levels subside to acceptable levels."

The brewery says they will keep us updated with the exact schedule as it becomes clearer.

We'll be sure to spread the word so you can head out and watch as shipping returns to the Erie Canal.


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