Spoiler alert, it is a town. An actual town that was flooded to form Lake Delta.

An actual town was sacrificed to create the Delta Reservoir a little over 100 years ago. A town that gave its name to the reservoir and the lake itself, Delta, New York. Did you know nearly 60 years ago the lake was drained and some of the remains were uncovered?

If you didn't know, the reservoir was actually constructed to help keep the levels of the Erie Canal more consistent. Back at the beginning of the 20th century, levels would often fluctuate which could bring some issues to the table. Issues that had impact on shipping according to Hamilton College.

It actually is pretty shocking to know some of the stuff that sits below the lake. In fact, according to one website, a few cemeteries and burial plots were even among the many things to be covered by water in 1912. Previous reports even say that not every structure was demolished prior to the flooding, one actually stayed up and eventually was torn down years later.

While there isn't any major grandeur of an Atlantis-like city sitting fully structured under the lake, at one time a town did sit on what now is bedrock. The pictures below show an old foundation here and there, not made of concrete but rather large stone that at one time was cobbled together to hold homes, barns, and other structures.

If the tale of a town being demolished to form a lake intrigues you, right now on Amazon you can buy a book on the lost village of Delta here.

What Sits Below Delta Lake? Here Are Pictures Showing You

Some of these pictures may look fairly uneventful until you look further. However, some of the stone is the foundation. Roads can be seen beneath water and artifacts that were found are pictured too, keep scrolling to see them all.

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