If you're a gamer and you find yourself a girlfriend who also loves spending marathon sessions in front of a screen you should probably seriously consider locking her down for life.

That's what Redditor Marchaka was thinking with his special lady Michelle, who shares his passion for video games. So, despite his limited coding experience, Marchaka decided to craft an elaborate role playing game for Michelle that would end with a marriage proposal.

It took him 160 hours to program Michelle's Quest, which has four acts and four bosses to slay. The game was filled with inside jokes from their relationship.

Next to the computer was a chest, and after she finished a level she was told the location of a key that would open one of its drawers. The game took four hours for her to complete (we told you she was hardcore) and when she opened the final lock there was a message that said "turn around."

Marchaka had been in the kitchen, preparing a meal for a dinner party that was going to take place later that night. But he could monitor her progress from there and when she did turn around he was waiting on bended knee.

She said yes. Now they can have thousands of pixelated little babies together.

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