Roman Atwood, who's know for pulling epic pranks, may have taken his latest stunt too far when he blew up his 3 year-old kid in front of mom.

Atwood had mom meet them to pick up a used 4 wheeler. When she walked away to get the checkbook, Atwood switched his son for a dummy. As mom walks back, the remote controlled 4 wheeler takes off and crashes in the woods.

When mom realizes it was just another Atwood prank she's not laughing. "That is not funny!"

"It's kinda funny," Atwood says.

Turning his home into a giant ball pit or toilet papering Howie Mandel's house, were funny pranks but this is cruel. Men may find it amusing. Mothers will not!

Who's side are you on? Is this another epic prank or did Atwood take it too far?

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