With the Fall season finally here, that means Halloween is right around the corner and one of the best parts about Halloween is getting scared and scaring others. One of the best ways to scare the pants off people is with the classic jump scare. The perfect place to do this is at the office because nobody is ever expecting it. It makes for the perfect prank!

Now that I have scared a bunch of people in the office, I have to make sure I watch my back. You never know who will be trying to get revenge on me or who will be lurking around the corner! Keep in mind if you hope to scare some of your co-workers you need to go into it with a plan. You need to strategically map out your scare sites and get all the information you can on your victim's routines and behaviors. Hidden camera placement is important as well. Make sure you have the best shot possible and more importantly, make sure that the camera is recording. There is nothing worse than a scare that nobody will see!

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