As rifle season starts make sure you don't get a ticket while hunting this year in the Hudson Valley.

The New York State Department of Department of Environmental Conservation (DEC) announced recently a new ticket initiative that is targeting unsafe hunting and hunters.

Operation Safe Harvest

DEC Commissioner Basil Seggos announced the operation by saying, "New York is fortunate to have a large population of hunters and trappers who abide by the State’s hunting laws and respect their fellow hunters and others enjoying the outdoors." Operation Safe Harvest is in motion to make sure that when hunters enter the woods to hunt, they can remain safe as long as they follow New Yorks's guidelines while hunting.


Safe Hunting Enforcement

Seggos said that Environmental Conservation Police Officers (ECOs) will be out patrolling hunting fields and areas throughout hunting season, "DEC’s ECOs will be out in force this season to ensure compliance, engage with new and experienced hunters, and continue their important work promoting public safety in our communities and protecting our natural resources." So far Operation Safe Harvest has led to officers issuing nearly 150 tickets in areas where hunting season has begun, including 50 misdemeanor-level charges since October 22, according to WSYR.


Deer Hunting Season in the Hudson Valley

Rifle season in most of the Hudson Valley begins on Saturday, November 19th, and runs through mid-December. To legally hunt, the DEC has numerous guidelines all hunters must follow including, all hunters need to have a license to hunt, hunters must wear a fluorescent orange or fluorescent pink hat or vest when hunting deer or bear with a firearm, it's illegal to take any big game while they are in the water, and you can't take any big game with traps or snares to name a few.

What the DEC be Looking for With Operation Safe Harvest

Karen Przyklek, the DEC’s Director of the Division of Law Enforcement told WSYR, "I’ve directed my Officers to be on the lookout this season for the night hunters, poachers, and baiters who blatantly disregard the State’s stringent hunting laws." To be safe, before you head into the woods take a look at all of the DEC guidelines to make sure you don't get a ticket while you are hunting this year.

New York DEC New Rules For Deer and Bear Hunting

As you prepare for the fall deer and bear hunting season, you need to be aware of these new rules just adopted by the New York Department of Environmental Conservation.

The Wolf Rack Gallery 2021

The Wolf and Northern Dutchess Archery want to thank everyone who sent in a photo from their hunting season. Thank you for being part of the Work Rack Gallery. These photos are great examples of how all of you are keeping up this time-honored tradition.

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