The COVID-19 pandemic took away the livelihood of many artists. It was a scary time filled with anxiety, uncertainty, and self-doubt as the world shut down, and musicians of all kinds were unable to perform their craft. One New York musician had it even tougher when struck with a house fire. Frank Palangi has since been able to rise from the ashes, and is looking optimistically as he rebuilds.

“You have a better chance to win the lottery six times.”

As Frank explained it, it was a relatively calm day when a thunderstorm rolled in out of nowhere. It went from clear to stormy in about ten minutes, as he recalled. All of sudden, lightning struck the back room of his house. Fortunately, Frank was in another room and unharmed, but the house damage, along with damage to his gear, was nearly insurmountable. Frank described the strike as an explosion, and one of the freakiest things he had ever experienced. Insurance didn't cover his equipment, and things were left with massive smoke damage. What are the odds of lightning hitting like this? "You have a better chance to win the lottery six times," Frank was told.

Frank Palangi
Frank Palangi







It has been quite the time as he had to pivot and find a temporary living situation while trying to manage his music still. Without even being prompted, his fans came to his rescue after hearing the news. A GoFundMe was started to help him rebuild and gain new gear. There were also two local benefit concerts to help raise money for his situation. Both instances of the love shown by fans, friends and family are moments that Frank has been extremely grateful for.

During the time of our interview, Frank was just about to move back in and get the studio up and running again. He said it should be ready soon for recording, mixing, guitar lessons, shoots and more.

The Resilient Musician

Frank Palangi is based out of Glenns Falls, New York. He is a mostly self-taught musician, learning from listening to music, watching DVD's and looking a live concert videos where he would watch the guitarists, how they played and what their setups were like. Much of those early inspirations included 80's metal artists like Metallica, Ozzy Osborne, Dokken, Def Leppard, Ratt, and 90's rock artists like Dorwning Pool, Creed, Powerman 5000, Goo Goo Dolls, and Foo Fighters.

Frank Palangi
Frank Palangi

A Note for Musicians

As we were talking about marketing and promotion, Frank started talking about something I think every musician should keep in mind- ownership over one's material. Frank is signed to Curtain Call Records for radio marketing. It is not a traditional 50/50 or 360 deal. Through this deal, Frank retains the right to own his masters and manages to work independently still. In an age of digital media, countless rights-holders going to court over copyright infringement, and artists losing money due to bad deals, this is something to keep in mind for anyone who is serious about music as a livelihood. Frank goes more in-depth in our interview video at the end of the article.

His video for "Set Me Free" sort of ties in with this concept. He said it is one of his favorite music videos that he has ever filmed. He loves the effects and how close it resembled his vision for the song. "Talking about labels, and companies taking over your music and self-being, it hints at that and not being in control, becoming something else you don't want," Frank says.

Frank's Latest Projects

Frank's latest self-recorded/produced project is out called "Frank Palangi EP V." It is the third that he has mixed and produced himself, and he describes it as one of his heaviest EP's.

"It's not like I planned on this EP and the last one to be more heavy than my older releases. I just really love the crunchy post grunge guitars, and I write how I feel at the time, too. "Bring On The Fear EP" came out as COVID hit, now I didn't write it during COVID, but man, the lyrics and vibe fit in like a glove."

- Frank Palangi

The latest EP is stacked with incredible talent, which features Robin Diaz from Daughtry, Candlebox, and Hole; Lester Estelle who has worked with Kelly Clarkson, and Pillar; Riley Bria from American Idol, and Brandon Maclin from Daughtry. "So grateful to be working with these guys still and they are super busy themselves, too."

The EP was mastered at Euphonic Mastery from Brad Blackwood. "It's nice to still do your own songs and production and out source parts to give it more flavor." His endorsers, as well, such have been instrumental (pun intended) in helping him rebuild since the fire.

"Recording wise, for gear heads I used Blackstar amps, heads and Line6 (valuetube head) with direct outs, and Blackstar tube medals with a cab sim for a 2nd source. This new EP, I did use some AXE FX on top of the sound, also. I have an old SM57 Unidyne III mic with a Shure ribbon, AKG and Slate Audio on the amp. CAD Audio - love to use their products for live and podcasts and for lessons - great plug in play and really "hot" but good sounding mics at a budget that people can afford. That's another quick thing with my endorsers. They have been amazing during this time since the fire with helping me get back on my feet."

- Frank Palangi

Frank Palangi
Frank Palangi

Where to Listen

Frank encourages fans to download more and stream less. Downloading and purchasing helps artists way more than the fractions of pennies received from streams. You can listen on

As of now, as the pandemic winds down and he reorganizes himself, he is mostly doing online performances through Stageit and on his Facebook.

Be on the lookout for his upcoming single for "Falling From Grace," which is anticipated to be released late 2022/early 2023. All of his merch and services can be found on his website. He told us to look out for a new CD special edition double-disc release this summer/fall featuring all of his work from the last ten years, along with bonus songs, live demos, and more!

Right below, check out our Zoom interview where we go more in-depth about his record label deal, and the fire. We also talk about some of the phenomenal shows and artists he has worked with in the past, like opening for 3 Doors Down, and artists who have passed on who he would love to do a hypothetical concert with.

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