We've all heard foods like oysters, dark chocolate, and red wine are natural aphrodisiacs, but there are some more common foods that have the same effect.

It's crazy to think how much food can affect us, besides just giving us energy to get through the day. Some foods are known to change your moods and make you more irritable and sluggish, while other foods can boost your metabolism and make you happy. And still others can make you feel... Well, a little frisky.

Oysters, dark chocolate, and red wine are already commonly known for being natural aphrodisiacs. But there are more foods that can do that - and some of them are a lot more common and cheaper. Here are just a few of those:

Garlic - It contains allicin which increases blood flow.




Basil - It increases heart rate and blood flow


Chili Peppers - They heat up the body and cause the brain to release endorphins





And those are just some of the foods that work as natural aphrodisiacs. There are quite a few more, but that should be enough to get you started.

Maybe make dinner for your significant other including some of these ingredients. It may just make a great night for both of you!




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