So what do a thoroughbred and a giraffe have in common? Live Cams. Introducing Foal Patrol from The National Museum of Racing and Hall of Fame in Saratoga

Foal Patrol is a unique behind the scenes look at racing horses that are expecting. This new video project is thrilling for young and old alike as we'll get to watch live web cameras with real-time streams of in-foal mares during their pregnancies. Hmmm. Do you think they got the idea from our favorite giraffe up the street?

Two of the live feeds are from NY. We can watch La Verdad from Hyde Park NY and Memento d'Oro at Old Tavern Farm in Saratoga Springs NY. There are also live cameras at 3 locations in Kentucky with another two going live soon. There are plans for another camera in Florida going live at a later date bringing the total of in-foal mares to 8.

Each live cam tab gives you in-depth information on what, how much, and when the mare eats and drinks and a photo gallery. You'll also find out more about her racing career, and the farm she calls home. There's a foal countdown for each mare, and you can sign up for foaling updates and enter contests for a chance at some great prizes. We're watching, are you?

Bonus Video:

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