March Madness isn’t just a branding term that applies to a basketball tournament. It also clearly applies to NCAA fans. These college basketball enthusiasts get very emotionally involved in the annual battle on the boards, even when they’re undergoing dialysis treatments.

It’s not uncommon for police to be called to break up fights between basketball fans at sports bars and other places where games are being shown during the tournament. But, cops in Georgetown, KY say this is the first time they’ve ever been called to break up a fight at a dialysis clinic.

A University of Kentucky fan and a University of Louisville fan were both at the Georgetown Dialysis Clinic at the same time on Monday for treatment. The subject of basketball was being discussed, one thing led to another and someone got hit.

Patient Ed Wilson, self-proclaimed a die hard UK fan, was hooked up to a dialysis machine when he says patient Charles Taylor, a U of L fan, “just happened to think U of L would beat UK and he started to run his mouth. That’s what started it.”

Taylor, who was waiting for his turn to get to a machine, claimed, “I was talking to another guy about the game. [Wilson] was meddling. And told me to shut up and gave me the finger!” Taylor added that, “I wasn’t gonna take no more from him.”

Taylor admits to getting aggressive. He said, “I went up to him and I hit him. Didn’t hit him hard, but I hit him.” Wilson, who was still attached to his machine, couldn’t avoid the blow.

The case was investigated by police as harassment and is now closed. Wilson, though sorry it happened, will not be filing charges against Taylor. We’ll see who really comes out on top in the skirmish as UK and U of L take each other on in the Final Four on Saturday.

[Via WKYT]

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