A large colony of sick stray cats in Herkimer is testing positive for feline leukemia. These cats are in pain and living in horrible conditions all because some pet owners refuse to spay and neuter their pets.

The feline leukemia virus is the second leading cause of death in cats, killing 85% of infected cats within three years of diagnosis. The virus only affects cats, and it cannot be transmitted to people, dogs, or other animals. Feline leukemia is very contagious and is spread through saliva, blood, urine, feces but mostly through grooming and fighting.

Kris Wilson, Co-founder of 4 Pet's Sake, is attempting spay and neuter as many of the feral cats as possible. Those that test negative for feline leukemia are up for adoption.

The feline leukemia cats are harder to adopt out and they need to be the only cat in the house and can possibly have issues later in life. We found a rescue out in Albany that only takes feline leukemia cats. Today a volunteer took 4 to the rescue and a donation to help with spay/neuter and medical costs.

Monetary donations are needed to clean up the colony. These cats need help, and the vet bills will be thousands of dollars for proper care. All the cats need to be fixed to stop the reproduction of more feline leukemia kittens.

Donations can be made via their Facebook page, just tap the donation button on the top right side of the page or via PayPal by using their email pet-sake@hotmail.com or mail to 4petsake, P.O. Box 216, Mohawk, NY 13407. These cats need help, and financial support is necessary. The vet bills will run into a few thousand dollars for proper care.

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