Governor Andrew Cuomo is releasing the latest COVID-19 numbers for New York state.

Cuomo says a record 87,900 tests were conducted on Wednesday

He says 737 or just 0.84% were positive.

New York has had 5 straight days of positive testing being below 1%.

Hospitalizations were at 555 and intubations hit a new low, 56, since mid-March.

There were 10 coronavirus deaths statewide yesterday.

"New York State continues to stay vigilant in the face of an ongoing crisis across the country as we pursue a phased reopening," Cuomo said. "Yesterday we did a record-high number of tests - which is critical to our cautious, data-driven reopening strategy - and we'll keep closely monitoring the numbers we receive daily.

Cuomo says New Yorkers shouldn’t get complacent and should continue to wear masks and stay socially distant.


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