Patrick Reynolds, the Museum Educator for the Rome Historical Society, gives us an example of the speech you'll hear at Bellamy Harbor, July 22 at 12 noon with Honor America Days Bicentennial Canal Celebration.

Patrick Reynolds reminds us: "The Erie Canal started in Rome. July 4th, 1817. At dawn, they gathered near the arsenal house and made a few simple speeches, a ceremonial shovel full of dirt turned for the ground breaking and the canons fired."

In the exclusive video above you'll hear Reynolds recite speeches by Judge Joshua Hathaway and Colonel Young.

The location of the original groundbreaking took place at the current site of the Worthington Industries location. You can see the reenactment with the Rome Historial Society at Bellamy Harbor, July 22 at 12 noon. Staff and trustees will be in period clothing including top hats, they’ll be shooting cannons, carrying a 15-star flag and reading historical speeches.

Stop into the Rome Historical Society and see the free canal exhibit that includes rare artifacts like an 1825 Commemorative Plate, a painting of Chief Engineer, Benjamin Wright along with his Commemorative Medal from the completion of the Erie Canal. You’ll discover the story, influence, and life on the canal along with the skeptics who called the Erie Canal Clintons Ditch or Clinton’s Folley. The Rome Historical Society is open Tuesday through Friday 9 – 3 and Saturday 10 – 2.

Bonus Video:

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