Our beloved Erin Hamlin of Remsen has announced her plans on retiring after making USA's Olympic Luge team for the 4th time. 

Congratulations to Erin Hamlin for qualifying for her 4th Olympics! See her retirement announcement below via her Instagram post.

TeamUSA.org reports that after earning a silver medal at the world championships last season, Hamlin was pre-qualified for the 2018 U.S. Olympic Luge Team.

“I was pre-qualified, but that doesn’t give me a spot on the team,” she said via conference call from Germany on Sunday afternoon. “I felt the pressure and wasn’t comfortable at all. This team is so deep right now and I had to get that spot; there definitely were no handouts. I’m glad I got it.”

Hamlin took an interest in the Luge sport at the age of 12, and Wikipedia states “In 2004, Hamlin said her career goal was to compete in the Olympics.” In 2006, her goal became a reality. Her community rallied for fundraisers to benefit Hamlin to help give her the appropriate funds needed for her to attend the Olympic Games held in Italy...In 2010, she participated in the Olympic Games held in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada. Then in 2014 she competed and got the bronze medal in Sochi, Russia."

PyeongChang, South Korea hosts the Winter Olympics February 9-28, 2018.

Hey Erin, What will you do after you retire?


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